How to use Healing Stones and Dream Catchers

Spirit Guides, Spirit Teachers, and Angels

The "magic" behind the wonderful energy felt in Healing Stones and Dream Catchers is formed from two things:  Energy Vibration and Healing Spirits.

Healing Spirits

There are Spirits everywhere and in everything.  Not every Spirit is a Healing Spirit.  Healing Spirits are experienced and resonate at a very high Vibration where healing occurs. Healing Spirits, whether they are a Spirit Guide, Spirit Teacher, Power/Totem Animal, Angel, etc.  are there to help you Resolve Issues, Learn Life Lessons, Protect and Guide you.  They transcend any one religion and help on a Universal Level.  They are specifically trained by the Arch Angels of God to help us grow, and heal.    

Healing Stones

Not every stone or crystal may be an Active Healing Stone.  Sometimes a stone hasn't been Activated or needs a rest and isn't "working".  Sometimes the Healing Stone feels it doesn't have Lessons for you or that you aren't ready (or receptive) to the Lessons. Sometimes you need to ask the Healing Stone to bring you new lessons (if you have had the Stone awhile and it seems to have "lost" its' energy).  So, they "turn off". We'll talk about how to Activate a Healing Stone further down.

All the Different Crystals have different Metaphysical meanings.  That is each Stones' specialty. They are not limited

to those particular skill sets, though.  In fact, there is a much broader picture for us to paint with our Healing Stones.

All the stones interact with all the Chakra colors and with the other stones.  For example, Rose Quartz is an excellent stone for the Heart Chakra.  You may feel called to use Lapis Lazuli (a blue stone).  Lapis Lazuli is the stone for wisdom, clarity and connects us to our internal compass, (internal insight, psychic awareness).  Your Healing Intention for your Heart may require some introspection and guidance from the Lapis Lazuli Spirit Guide. 

All the Healing Stones and Chakra Colors work together synergistically.  Different colors and stones vary in the Energy Vibration Frequency they radiant.  Bringing a variety of colors and stones will help you balance and enhance your Positive Energy Vibration.    

To pick a Healing Stone

* set your Intention (what you want help with)

* you can use the Metaphysical Meaning as a guide

* and/or also "listen" or "feel" or "hear" for a Spirit Guide that is ready to help you with your Intention.   


Dream Catchers

As with Healing Stones, the Spirit Guide for the Dream Catcher is a High Vibration Energy trained to heal with specific methods and has specific Lessons. 

Dream Catchers work with you in the Spirit World you access in Dreamtime.  You will feel their Energy and see Energy shifts in the Physical World in Daytime.  The work you do in Dreamtime activate in Daytime.  You can shift and clear energy to create the healing pathways that protect and guide you.   


What is Vibrational Energy, anyway?

Glad you asked! 

The higher the Energy Vibration, the more energy is moved. Negative Energy is stagnant and folds into itself. It needs to "feed" on Positive Energy to move.   

High Energy Vibration examples are Love, Bliss, Peace, Happiness, Joy, etc.

Low Energy Vibration examples are Frustration, Denial, Rejection, Anger, Anxiety, Stress, etc. 

* if you feel a person drains you, they are feeding on your energy

* if a person attacks you in any verbal, emotional or physical way, they are feeding off your energy.

* if a person blocks you from thriving, they are feeding on your energy.   


Vibrational Energy and Spirit Guides 

Each Healing Stone or Dream Catcher is comprised of two things:  The Spirit Guide and Vibrational Energy.

The Physical Object (stone or dream catcher) radiates with Energy and The Spirit Guide/Teacher/Angel also

has Energy.  

Dream Catchers originated from Native Americans.  Each Tribe has specific Ceremony that goes into each creation.

Basic is the Dream Catcher was made for a Specific Person or Home or Lodge, etc.  Ceremony is performed for each aspect of collection of materials and crafting stages.  It is incredibly special to receive a handmade Ceremonial Dream Catcher.  

A store bought Dream Catcher is blessed by the Universe and will need to be Activated to work.     

Activating a Healing Stone or Dream Catcher

No experience necessary.

The more experience you have, the more Energy you can bring into your Ceremony.

* Center yourself:  slow your breathing (hold 4 counts and release) for a minute or so

* Set Intention: Activate the Spirit Guide, Spirit Teacher of this Healing Stone

* Permission:     You can use any words spoken from your heart.  Say something like:

               I give the Spirit Guide of this Healing Stone (or Dream Catcher) permission to

               work in my Energy Field for the purpose of Resolving Issues, Learning Life Lessons,

               Protecting and Guiding me.

* Activation:     Say something like:  I match my Energy Field Vibration and raise it up to the level of the Spirit Guide

                               so that our Energies match and we can communicate, understand, hear

                               and feel each others' energy.

Gratitude & Acknowledgement:  Using Heartfelt Energy, use words from your Heart to Welcome the Spirit Guide and

                         acknowledge the Spirit Guide is there to help.  Thank the Spirit Guide for coming and


Spirit Guides and Teachers are like Angels.  They surround you with Energy and help you keep your Energy strong and flowing.  That's it.  Simple.     

Working with Spirit Guides, Teachers, Angels, etc. 

Keeping a relationship with a Spirit is easy.  Just like our Earth friends, the more you chat with your buddies, the stronger the connection.  Same with Angels, God, Spirit Guides, etc. 

* When you call on them for help talk to them with respect.

* You are not giving yourself or the problem over to them. You are asking for their help in resolving it.

Here is a prayer format that you can use.

* Center your breathing

* Mentally see your Energy raising to meet the Spirit Guide or Angel

* Set Intention:  be clear on the Result of the Intention  

              for example: if you say I want to pay my bills, you may end up with more bills to pay (the

                         Universe gifted you with bills to pay)  

              try something more specific ~ I would like to expand my income to be able to easily pay the bills that

                                      I now have. I would like to expand my income with a financial increase

                                      at the job I currently hold without any changes in the job itself.  I would

                                      like a financial increase of $1000 month.  I am open to all suggestions. 

* Gratitude and Acknowledgment:  Thank the Spirit Guide from your Heart.      

                            Dear Spirit Guide, Thank you for coming and being here.

                            Thank you for sharing your Grace, Healing, Wisdom and Abundance with me.

                            I Love, Honor, Respect and Acknowledge you.  Thank you so much!

 Yep:  it's okay to laugh and be joyful.  You can be reverent and happy at the same time!