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My life has been a personal journey fed by the hunger to heal the emotional dysfunction created in my childhood.  Not having the tools to understand the behaviors of adults, my mind created physical problems to represent the emotional conflicts.  It wasn't until the 1990's (my 40's) with the access of the internet that I was able to really learn and explore the source of the physical problems and heal. Really heal. 

Metaphysics, through Reiki and other healing modalities, filled in the gaps and gave me a language. The words, the language are filled with healing and from there I learned the "why".

Soundwave Frequency, the Earth's Soundwave Frequency, is the most healing vibration. 

It requires nothing more than the simplicity of connecting to it.

Our body will naturally resonate and harmonize with the Vibration of the Earth.  And Heal.

May your journey be filled with blessings.



Earth Girl 

The Philosophy

After many years working with many types of Healers and thousands of dollars spent without my healing moving forward, my practical side kicked in.  I realized that many Healers didn't know how to heal people in a restorative manner so that they could be whole and complete in this lifetime.  Many Healers were actually just feeding off my Energy and creating chaos so that I would have to keep coming back to them.

I was interested in learning a method that everyone would be able use to restore their Soul Parts and

remove generational imbedded Soul Intruders in this lifetime.

My Spirit Guides taught me about Soundwave Frequency and how it heals and restores us.  I'm not a scientist or Geologist, so I'll leave the Earth Science questions to them,

but I can show you how to harness it and work with it.

Soundwave Frequency is a path of Joy: fun, challenging and easy to understand. 

It is Healing that you are able to do yourself ~ Healing that moves you Forward!