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Probiotics that EAT Candida | Earth Girl Art

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                                             Your Body ~ restoring your Body Chemistry  


Our bodies are complex. And Amazing. And synergistically connected.  Everything we do, think, feel and experience affects the physical and emotional health. 

One of our survival techniques is when we turn an emotional pain or trauma into a physical one.  We are leaving ourselves clues.  At the time of the distressing situation we might not have had the tools or support we needed to heal and stay whole. 


The tangled web of emotional and physical in discord needs to be reassembled. Restoring our Body Chemistry is one of the components that can lead to good emotional health.

Restoring the Digestion and Liver/Bile productions is the place to start.  The therapy is the same for both.  First step is to get the good probiotics replaced.  We use homemade probiotics for this.  There is a whole corn/raisin ferment that eats Candida, worms. parasites, nail fungus, skin worms, eye worms and thrush. There are other probiotic recipes, too.

Second step is to stimulate and restore the stomach acid, liver and bile productions.  You'll do Organic Coffee Enemas, which

also dislodge the worms nests blocking the intestines.  These two steps are HUGE in getting your body working how it should.

It can take up to a year for your good bacteria to establish a new environment.

It can a couple of weeks or so to get the bowels moving. 

The liver and bile are loaded with toxins they are trying to dump into the intestines to be flushed out.  The Organic Coffee Enema pulls the toxins from the liver and bile into the intestines.  Once the liver and bile are free of the overload, they are able to respond to the Stomach Acid signals. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.  The information on this page is intended to help and provide general information about health topics.       I encourage you to work with both traditional and natural health providers. The information provided is based solely on my personal experiences.

Gut Flora and Intestines

Fully restoring both the upper and lower intestines can create a defense system to clean and digest foods, battle bad bacteria overgrowth and much more.  Digestion is more than just restoring the good bacteria, though.  It also restoring the all the Body Chemistry systems: Lymph, Hormones, Nerve, Endocrine, Bile, Liver and Stomach Acid.  I have worked with so many Naturopaths without any success in resolving my health issues. I began to teach myself Body Chemistry: how nutrients work in the Body and to figure it out for myself.  


Along this journey I did a lot of food experiments and came up with a homemade probiotic drink made of whole corn cornmeal, organic raisins and salt.  This simple drink literally ATE the skin worms, Candida, nail fungus and the other Bad Bacteria strains. Oh! and it ate right through the Biofilms!  See the recipe below.


I learned that the antifungal herbs like oregano, garlic, and so on, kill both the good and the bad bacteria, so the good guys also wrap themselves in biofilm for protection.  This keeps the good guys from free floating in our systems and from doing their good work. 

I learned that we need at least 2-2.5 teaspoons of salt a day to make stomach acid.  Salt binds minerals so they don't dump out of our bodies unused.  Most bad bacteria can't survive salty conditions and either die or their growth is greatly inhibited.

I learned that our bodies need good, natural fats for the bile to work and cleanse the body of toxins.  Without fat, the bile keeps recycling through and the liver becomes congested.  Our microbes use goods fats like organic ghee for fuel and to keep the intestinal wall supple and clean.

We need to clean, nutrient dense foods that include spices that stimulate the body systems.

I also learned that the Auyrvedic method includes all the information about foods, spices and healing techniques to heal the body.  


And it's all done with groceries.   


I suffered from Constipation.  Oh, it was worse than constipation: I didn't go at all.  I ate all the right foods (I thought), exercised, clean living.  Nothing ever worked.  The only herb that worked was turkey rhubarb and I also used enemas.

Through Ayurveda I learned that my stomach was pushing up on the diaphragm and blocking the stomach acid process, (thus the low stomach acid) and pushing up on the lungs (thus the shallow breathing, unable to get deep, calming breathes).

The fix was a simple technique of using my thumbs to push the stomach down.  The technique is called Stomach Pulling and it took me one time get the stomach released. 


Here's a good video about the Stomach Pulling method from Zach Zenios (Criticalbench)



Then  I did the lymph system cleanse using steam and essential oils.  Also found on lifespa.com 


I continued on, going through my systems one by one with great happiness!

And all done with groceries and body techniques.

I had been to some Auyrvedic Practioners before, but they were unable to explain why the method worked.  Just do it, it works.  Nope.  I needed to know why it worked so that I could learn what was wrong.


I found John Douillard on one of many, many internet and youtube research sessions.  I found Mr. Douillard clear and easy to follow.  Then most of the content is available for free from his website (www.lifespa.com).  He has free ebooks, articles and videos.  You can also buy his books and supplements.  Supplements are the wrong word because they are groceries, like spices and essential oils.


I was able to find all the answers to my health issues from Mr. Douillard with all the free information.  Along with my probiotic drink I was able to finally heal the long forty year journey!  All done with groceries.  I had spent many, many thousands of dollars trying to heal.  In the end: it was Mother Nature.  Simple, easy and cheap.  

Mr. Douillard will be a great introduction for you to learn about Ayurveda methods.  You may want to work with a good Auyrvedic Practioner, too.

Choosing Foods to Eat

Organic and Heirloom foods are critically important.  Find foods from a local farm grown without the pesticides and herbicides. Find out how they restore the soil and deal with pests.  


Some organic farmers use the same seeds as commercial growers.  Some seeds have been over hybrid.   Fruit is a good example.  Seedless Fruit.  Those seeds provide liver stimulation, fiber and shred worms and parasites.  Many grains, including rice, are hybrids with the protein adulterated so much that your body doesn't recognize it as food and can't digest it.  Many seeds are pest resistant (with chemicals that grow with the plant).

Organic food also contain lots and lots of wild yeast species.  This is where our probiotics come from that end up living in our bodies.


So whenever you can, choose and seek out locally grown Organic and Heirloom foods. 

And as important as the quality of our food is, rotating your foods and adding the spices that work with our body chemistry is an important aspect to keeping the body restored and healthy.  Yep. For more information, check out Mr. Douillard.  Do I get paid for mentioning his name? Nope.  He doesn't even know I exist.  This is the "pay it forward" referral.  I healed greatly with the free information and am just sharing the Healing that moved me forward.

Good video:  John Douillard: Heal your Gut   You can find it on youtube.



Both guys and girls may need their hormones checked. Many Processed and Commercial foods contain hormones that impact our hormones.  Children are developing maturity characteristics five to seven years earlier than normal.  Young girls at 8 years old developing breasts and starting  menstrual cycles.  Not just our foods, but stress and birth control can also influence our hormone levels.

All the Electromagnetic Fields that surround us overwhelms our systems and disrupt our hormone, endocrine and nerve systems.  EMF is known to cause holes in our cells and harm our DNA structure.

You can find online laboratories that will  issue bloods tests that you can take to a lab to get tests of your thyroid and hormones and other body systems.  

Get rid of Candida, worms, parasites and Bad Bacteria overgrowth


I struggled for forty years and spent well over $100,000 in treatments, supplements and doctors.  All this served to make the Candida much worse as these herbs and treatments just chased the Candida further into my body and harmed the good bacteria.


Last year when I was preparing Organic whole corn cornmeal to kill fungus in the yard, I had the light bulb go off and  said to myself  "why don't I  drink this?"  It made perfect sense, so I made a ferment with it and it worked! 


Here is the program and details.

There are two ferments for eating the bad guys. One is the Corn. The other is Real Milk.  Raw Milk.  Yep.....if raw milk makes you nervous, once you learn about it you'll be okay.  If you are vegan you can skip the real milk.  The real milk has probiotics that are already adapted to live in the intestines, so that's a benefit.   If you are lactose intolerant, that that is from your body chemistry not fully working.  You can add the real milk ferment a little later on. Try a small test batch to start..  Real Milk has all the enzymes to digest the milk sugar and we are fermenting the milk so the bacteria actually eat the sugar.  A half gallon of real milk will cost about $9.


To the whole corn cornmeal we add organic raisins.  They need to be organic otherwise there can be pesticides in them that will kill the ferment.  The cornmeal is whole corn and organic.  Bob's Red Mill Cornmeal is the right kind and it's easy to find in most stores.  The regular cornmeal you find in the grocery store is sterile and won't have the wild yeast that we are looking for.  You will also add a little bit of natural salt.  This ferment will cost you about $6


Bad bacteria strains don't grow in salt. Salt kills or inhibits the their growth.  Check and make sure you are getting enough salt in your diet.  You need 2 teaspoons a day to keep the body chemistry working.  Salt is the necessary component in making your stomach acid and is the catalyst in many other body reactions. Also, any good bacteria that don't grow in the salt water won't survive in your body.  The salt to use in the ferments is a natural salt like Celtic or Dead Sea Salt.


Wild Yeast spores are floating everywhere in the air.  These are the probiotics that end up on fruits and vegetables that we eat.  The wild yeast are the source of the bacteria that are living in your body.  We need to continually replenish them.  Currently our bodies are over run with Candida, bad bacteria strains, worms and parasites.  We are going to overwhelm the bad guys with trillions of good bacteria.  Many of the good bacteria strains are designed to eat the bad guys and their biofilms.


Raisins are dried grapes.  Grapes are from the Wine industry.  The Wine industry has spent a lot of money with studies to perfect the wines they design.  There are lots of real science studies showing that raisins carry many antifungal strains of yeast.  So we add raisins to the Corn Ferment for the time released sugar and to add more of the right bacteria strains.  Additionally we are getting hundreds and hundreds of other beneficial strains added to this. After the Wild Yeast strains reproduce using the sugar in the corn and raisins, then the raisins and corn are food for them to live on.  It is a really nice ferment!

There is one more Ferment that we use to clean the liver because of the additional toxins.  The Die-off effect is minimal due to the good bacteria eating the bad guys.  This ferment is RAW lemonade. It uses the salt (kill bad bacteria) Organic Lemons and water.  The peel of the lemon has the wonderful lemon flavor that results in the best tasting, non-sour lemonade.  

Organic Coffee Enemas will also reduce/eliminate the Die-Off effects.


                          Corn Raisin Ferment

              clean gallon or 2 half gallon glass jars or 4 glass quart jars

              1 cup whole corn cornmeal like Bob's Red Mill

              1 Cup organic raisins

              1/4 teaspoon of natural salt   


      Divide raisins, corn and salt into each half gallon jar or all the ingredients into the gallon jar.

      Fill with filtered, clean water.  

      Fill to about 3 inches from the top to leave room for the Raisins: they are going to expand and float to the top.

      Cover the top with a napkin and rubber band.

      Write on the napkin the day that it is ready to drink


Place your ferment at room temperature for 24hours.

If you start your ferment on Monday, drink on Tuesday and Wednesday.

When the raisins float to the top, that's when your ferment is ready.

Strain and drink

You'll drink a gallon over two days.

You'll want to start the next ferment before the last one is finished.  If you start one on Monday, you'll drink it Tuesday.

 Start the next one on Tuesday and it will be ready on Wednesday.

It is best to strain each glass one at a time. The ferment will continue to grow and you end up getting a huge number of good bacteria in the high billions and at different stages of growth.


Don't strain the half gallon and take it with you for the day

Take the quart jar with you and either drink from the jar or strain it before you drink it.  


     Drink throughout the day. Use this as your drinking water instead of plain water.

     Can drink on full or empty stomach

 If you feel an alcohol effect: that's your LIVER.  Drink a cup of the RAW Lemonade (recipe below) and the effect will dissipate


This Corn Ferment eats Candida, other bad bacteria overgrowths, intestinal, eye and skin worms, parasites, nail fungus, and thrush.  The sugar is completely eaten and used up by the bacteria.


It will take time for your intestines to fully restore and the new bacteria to establish a  sustainable environment.  Plan on it taking a year. 


Room temperature is 65 to 72 Fahrenheit degrees

You can cook and eat the corn/raisin mix after you drink all the liquid.  Excellent source of fiber.  

Side Effects

I had little to no Herkimer (Die Off) side effects.  The good bacteria are eating the bad guys.  I didn't miss any work days.

I had other issues like my stomach was pushed up against my diaphragm, causing low stomach acid and constipation.

Remember that all your Body Chemistry needs to be restored.  Along with the microbes, your liver, bile, stomach acid and lymph systems are going to need attention.

                     Raw Milk Ferment

Raw milk is delicious and super bioavailable nutrition.  The good bacteria is adapted to the gut environment.  People who have trouble with raw milk, it is frequently because they do not have enough good bacteria to battle the bad ones.  This ferment gets rid of the bad bacteria and reproduces the good ones.   

             Pour the half gallon of real milk into a large bowl.

             Puree 2 cups of organic berries with 2 cups of water and a half of lemon and 1 teaspoon of salt

             Mix the fruit together with the raw milk.

              cover with a clean towel, paper towel or cheesecloth

             Let sit at room temperature (65 to 70 Fahrenheit degrees)  for 6 hours.

             In summer, at temps higher than 75 degrees, reduce to 4 hours


             At 6 hours pour the Raw Milk Ferment into glass jars.

             You will drink one or two cups a day (your choice)

              Divide the Ferment so that you drink one jar a day.

              If you drink 2 cups a day, then you'll need about 5-6 pint size glass jars.

             Fill each jar up to the top and screw the lid on.

              Feel free to drink right away. 

             Place in fridge.

             Drink one jar a day. 

        The water gives the new bacteria room to grow.  

        No air in the jar keeps the milk from spoiling.


                                                             RAW Lemonade

Fresh lemonade made from only Organic Lemons, water and salt.

It is probiotic as well.

Drink one cup in the morning before eating or drinking anything else.

This flushes out the toxins accumulated in the liver overnight.

Drink another cup in the evening after dinner to flush out the toxins accumulated during the day.

If you wake up groggy, it's your liver.  Drink the Raw lemonade.  If you are still groggy, drink a second cup. Then drink your

coffee, tea or have breakfast.  If still groggy, drink a third cup of the lemonade.  Initially you might think "oh, this is a second cup of coffee kind of day". Drinking the lemonade usually clears it up without the additional caffeine.

Raw Lemonade

                fill a gallon jar 3/4 full of clean water


                take four or five (depending on size) medium Organic lemons and chop into large pieces

                You'll need one lemon pure quart of water.

               Pull out your blender.

               put some of the lemons in the blender

                add one level teaspoon of salt  (1 teaspoon per gallon, 1/4 teaspoon per quart)

                add some of the chopped lemons

                add enough water to puree 

                we are going to strain the lemons pulp out later, so the puree is just 10 seconds or so.

               Repeat until all lemons are pureed.  You just need the salt in the first puree mix.

              pour the lemon puree into a big bowl or jar.

              cover with a cloth, paper towel or cheesecloth

              Light rest at room temperature for 6 hours  

              Room temp is about 65 - 72 degrees

              if above 75 degree Fahrenheit then reduce the rest time to 4 hours 

             Strain in a large holed colander.  The pulp is food for the probiotics in the lemonade and good fiber for you.

             You can also add 1/2 cup of the Corn/Raisin Ferment water to boost the probiotics.

             Store in fridge.


Our healthy body with the good bacteria restored will have about 100 trillion bacteria.  For the first 2 months of this program I made everything I ate probiotic.  My system needed a complete restoration - it had little to no good bacteria.  The good bacteria were hiding under Biofilms just like the bad guys.  OH, right, did I tell you about biofilms?

The good guy bacteria will eat right through the bad guy biofilms.  As your intestinal wall are getting scrapped clean of old fecal matter, more the bad guys are exposed.  You are removing them in layers based on the exposure.

So this is isn't a quick fix.  It will take are year for your good microbes to fully set up shop.  As they loosen the junk on the intestinal walls, fiber will act like a scrubbing brush.  At the beginning, your intestines will be a little sore after a scrubbing ~ it's like pulling off a Band-Aid.  Go easy on the fiber intake for a couple of days after a good scrubbing.  Massage your abdomen morning and night for 5 to 10 minutes to help stimulate the bowels and help move blockages along

Worms and Parasites

Worms and Parasites are really good about setting up shop where they don't belong.  Worms actually make nests where they make their babies.  Worms nests can block your intestines.  Highly recommend performing an enema to move the nests out and all the free floating worms and parasites.


Enemas don't sound like a lot of fun.  Really, though, they are what they are and after you do one you'll be fine.  Well, actually, you feel a lot better. 

If you have any constipation issues or know that you have the round worms (or other large worms)  well, my friend, you'll need to do the enema.  That's the price to heal.  And it's cheap.  You can do a water enema.  

The only thing that killed the eggs, large worms and parasites(for me) was L-Cysteine.  Worked like a charm  The most I took was 4 capsules a day.  Now I take one a day as maintenance. It supports the liver as well.  Like any long term healing technique, I go through periods of not taking it.  I just let my body decide. It isn't necessary to take it every day once your body restores itself.  L-Cysteine is something you do as needed (not have to do). 

Now, if you are brave enough to perform an enema to dislodge the worm nests, you could make it an Organic coffee enema.

The coffee enema helps eliminate constipation, detox the liver and bile.  Read below for more on the Organic Coffee Enema.

Probiotic Organic Coffee Enema

Here are videos that explain how to do a Coffee Enema and the benefits.

I use a quart glass jar that I place in a large bowl.  That way if I know the jar over, it's in the bowl.  Also when I'm finished, I put the hose in the  in the large bowl and take everything into the kitchen for cleaning and disinfecting.  I use vinegar to disinfect the hose and jar after washing with soap as I do not have a dishwasher,

Constipation can push your stomach up into the diaphragm and then push into the lungs.  This blocks your Energy flow from moving into calm breathing.  Trouble with not being able to "shut off the thinking" is due to the restricting breathing.

      To remove worm nests and to put the stomach, lungs & diaphragm back to where it belongs requires a real enema. 

      Using the Corn/Raisin probiotic water will put the good bacteria right where they need to go to clean up the debris and                         worms, etc. that we are pulling from the intestinal walls.

In this video Toni Grandov explains the digestive systems and how the Coffee Enema works.


This is how to prepare the Coffee Enema


The Gerson Therapy is an intense program used in extreme health cases.  They do not recommend performing the 4-5 daily enemas for people just wanting to cleanse their systems.


You will only perform these as you need them to get your body back on track.  After that you might do one once or twice a year.

Daily or weekly after your body is caught up will interfere with your microbial environment too much.  The body know how to cleanse the colon and intestines.  Let it do its job.