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Buddha Orgone Energy | Earth Girl Art

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                                                                              Buddha Orgone Energy 

                                                             Clean, strengthen, balance, restore & Harmonize your Energy Fields as you Heal  


Our Orgonite is a specific Soundwave Frequency Collector and Energy Generator. It amplifies the intensity and strength of the Healing Properties  (Soundwaves) of the Healing Crystals in the Orgonite.  And yes! it shields from EMF as well by converting the positive ions (bad) into negative ions (good).


The Orgonite that Earth Girl Art makes contains Copper, Brass, Steel and Mount Shasta Soil in its base of ingredients.  A combination that is exciting to me, as a Healer and as a user of my own products. The Copper and Crystal Energy relationship is one of the strongest for generating (making) Energy.  The Vortex of Energy that Orgonite creates is amazing in its Healing applications. Orgonite can travel Timelines (past, current & future) and Healing Planes (Physical, Spirit  & Soul) and Dimensions (other Energy Realms of High Frequencies).  Mount Shasta Soil and Humboldt County Redwood Forest Ocean Sand bring Earth Frequencies to our Energy Fields.  This is grounding and stabilizing to our Energy.  Our Bodies are made to work on the Earth Frequencies.  All the disharmony from EMF disturbs our natural rhythm.  This natural rhythm is how our body communicates with the Brain.  That communication is what allows us to process and move through trauma, pain, challenges, issues, change and learn new things.That communication connects us to learning: how to learn and accept change and how to create new ideas, new dreams and new visions.  Growing, growing, growing.  Moving forward.

And I love working with the Living Energy of Orgone.  It is similar to bacteria in that it is intelligent.  It is able to distinguish between my Ego (that interferes) and my True Intentions.  Additionally it travels with my Intentions of Healing and with the Soundwave Frequencies of the Healing Stones.

Buddha Orgonite Energy works in your Energy Fields (Auras & Chakra Network Systems).  A lot of times when we work with the 7 Major Chakra Centers we forget that they are a complete Network System connected to your whole body through the blood, nerves, capillaries, and cells.  The same is true for the Auras: they are an intricate system of networking of our Energy Subtle Bodies, which are connected to the Chakra System.  Your Aura is actually an extension of the Chakras.  You have thousands of Chakra points all over your body.


When you work with Buddha Orgone Energy keep that in mind about the Chakras.   You might want to change the words you use with Chakras to something like: Chakra Network System.  I visualize the work Network System. I start at the Chakra Center, then flow my hands over my whole Body and then go back to the Chakra Center that I am working on. 


Buddha Orgonite Energy will Cleanse, Strengthen, Balance, Restore and Harmonize your Auras and Chakras on a continual, on going, Vortex of Energy.

Once your Body has completed this part, then it is Energetically taken to the Celestial Dimension to be Recalibrated and Attuned to the Higher Dimensional Energy.  This is where Energy is created.  You will be in Harmony within yourself and in Concert with the Universe.


To use:  You can place Buddha Orgonite Energy anywhere.  Generally placing within eight feet or closer harmonizes the strongest. Orgonite will move through walls and ceilings.

                 Using a Dowsing Energy Tool and stating your Intentions amplifies and focuses the Energy.

Placing Orgonite in a room brings the Energy Vibration Level of the Soundwave Frequency of the Healing Crystals to the room. 

                               You will harmonize and absorb the Energy into your Energy Fields as you need it or want it.


If you are working with clearing a particular issue or challenge, you can harness the Soundwaves with a Dowsing Tool.  Verbally state that you are gathering the Soundwaves to be absorbed into your Energy Fields. State your intention and work with the Energy to Heal your Intention.  Reading the Metaphysical Properties of the Stones and becoming really, really familiar with what they do will encompass a larger healing terrain for you. 

                                                                 Your knowledge expands and what you can do with the knowledge will expand, too.

Gratitude is the cornerstone for Healing.  With Gratitude comes Grace & Compassion.  These are the ingredients for Forgiveness.  With Forgiveness comes Letting Go.  Letting Go allows your Energy to move.  Movement takes you out of Stagnation and removes Blockages.  Ten minutes in a place of  Gratitude (with your Intention)  changes your Energy Fields Vibration.


Place next to your bed at night and you will harmonize with the Soundwaves at night (when your Ego is sleeping) to be able to absorb the Energy without fear or resistance.              Resistance is usually a Soul Intruder that doesn't want to leave and will do things to interfere and stop the Healing Process.


                                          Using Buddha Orgonite Energy with the Soul and All Heal Orgonite together creates a beautiful concert of Healing.


                                                                                    Generates its' own Energy.  Doesn't need to be cleansed or recharged. 

                Stones used in the Buddha Orgonite Energy

Sodalite  * stimulates the Pineal & Pituitary Glands  *  Opens pathway to logic with intuition  *  brings ideas, hopes visions, thoughts into the physical realm     *  strength in true self awareness allows new behaviors, paths & ideas to grow  *  integrates true application of the Shadow Vibrations (appropriate emotional response)  *  balances anything with a polar opposite (good/bad, denial/truth, thrive/Survive etc.)                                                                                                       *  Polarity becomes a good/good balance (i.e. thriving/abundance rather than good/bad (i.e. thrive/survive)

Morganite  * dissolves resistance to Healing  *   brings Transformation, Renewal  *  Awakens curiosity passion for life  *  Able to see your potential  * dissolves attachments that no longer serve our purpose (freedom from Negative Attachments)  *  Life Lessons to deal with challenges are very calm & supportive  *  Able to see & release Karma Emotional Pain  *  Able to realize & accept areas that need healing from the Physical, Spirit & Soul Planes

Aquamarine  *  breaks patterns  *  stop from being overwhelmed  *  brings closure  *  shields Aura & Charka Systems  *  brings you to a Higher Consciousness (more Awareness and Internal Insight)  *  Piezoelectric & recharges all Healing Stones

Lapis Lazuli   *Serenity Stone  *  Awakens growth in dreamwork & metaphysical awareness  *  sends past & current Negative Attachments back to their sources  *  Harmonizes Body, Mind & Spirit  *  Spirit Guide teaches us to listen from the Heart and act accordingly  *    Brings honesty, truth, compassion, moral compass & ability to take control of your life.              


Amazonite     *Vibrational Memory Healing through all Timelines & Planes (Physical, Spiritual & Soul)  *  Blocks Negative Geopathic Vibrations  *  Clears Geomagnetic Field of Debris  *  Bring Clarity of Thought processing  *  Clears Chakra of emotional debris from all Timelines


*Opens Portals that go directly to Spirit Teachers

*Higher Dimensional Healing (beyond Ego interference)

*Moves you out of Lower Ego Vibrations

*Balances your Polarity to the Higher Vibrational Levels

*Opens Pineal Gland (Intuition, Awareness, Insight)


*Vibrational Healing of the current emotional pain & trauma brought from Past Lives

*Instills humanity, compassion, forgiveness & High Vibrational Levels

*Clears emotional wounds and scars from the past

*Protection Awareness

*Energy Cords & Threads that you have sent out are restored to you (stop draining your Energy)