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     2018 Calendar

Earth Girl Art is hosting a free series of Healing Circles with a Crystal Marketplace following each session.

Sundays at 10 am for the Healing Circle with the Crystal Marketplace open from 11 to 1pm.

Feel free to drop in ~ no registration is required.

Held at Elements Yoga Studio   across from S&S Produce    at 1929 Mangrove Ave, Chico CA

Earth Girl Art

June  22-24                       San Diego CA

June  29, 30 and July 1     Eugene OR


July13-15                           San Raphael CA


July 29                              Healing Circle & Crystal Marketplace  Chico CA

                                              (Using Soundwave Frequency with Chakras)


August 5                           Healing Circle & Crystal Marketplace Chico CA 

                                                 (Crystal Grids, Energy Generators, Activator Wans)


August 12                         Healing Circle & Crystal Marketplace Chico CA

                                                  (Soul Loss, Soul Retrieval and Soul Intruders)

August 31 & Sept 1, 2      San Diego CA


Sept 15-16                        San Raphael CA


Oct 5-7                             Sacramento CA

Oct 26-28                        Santa Rosa CA


Nov 2-4                           Eugene OR 

Nov 9-11                          Puyallup WA

Nov 23-25                        Monterey CA


Dec 7-9                           Santa Barbara CA

Dec 14-16                        San Diego CA