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Class: Radiant Earth | Earth Girl Art

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                                                       Radiant Earth Class

                                                                     Healing that moves you forward


This interactive class is designed to teach and then practice the techniques that are demonstrated.

At the end of the class, student will be comfortable with the instruction material and able to continue the Metaphysical Healing work on their own.


The Radiant Earth Class Kit contains all the Energy Tools, Crystals and instructions for harnessing the Energy for  Soundwave Frequency Healing.  Class is a minimum of two hours and can last as long as 4 hours depending on class size.

Class Instruction and practice time is not set by time limits but by students mastering the concepts.


Class Topics and Practice

              *Soundwave Energy and how to harness it 

              *Energy Tools and how to use them

              *How to Smudge properly

              *Connect to Spirit Guides and Totem Power Animals

              *Clean our Crystals thoroughly so that Negative Energy doesn't re-attach

              *How to set up a Crystal Grid

              *Dream Catchers and how to  use them  

             *How to clear Karma and Soul Intruders

              *Cleanse, strengthen & Harmonize the Chakra & Aura Energy Fields

              *Work with Vortex Energy, Sacred Geometry & Orgonite



                                     Classes are a minimum of 2 hours and can last as long as 4 hours.

                                         Call Dorothy at 530) 354-0609 to schedule a class session.

                                                 Classes are held in my home in Chico CA

                                  I will travel to your home if the class size is 8 to 10 people.

                                  Areas that I travel to are: Sacramento, San Francisco Bay area, Medford OR 

                                                             Basically a 4 hour radius from Chico

                        Single Person                 $250 each                      Add Soul Intruder Removal for $100 per person

                        Two People                     $250 each                      with the Radiant Earth Class.

                        3-5 People                       $225 each                      After the Radiant Earth Class, we will work specifically on 

                        6-10 People                    $200 each                      imbedded Soul Intruders.  

                                                                                                       Includes the Akashic Crystal Grid Kit 


           Soul Intruder Removal Class  

This interactive class will re-tune and re-harmonize the Body and Energy Fields to the Solfeggio 432h.

The Solfeggio is a higher Vibration in complete harmony.  Negative Energy and Attachments are dispelled and transformed with specific Soundwave Frequencies. 


After the Body is Tuned to the Higher Soundwave Frequency, we will set up Crystal Grids and work specifically in imbedded Soul Intruders, Curses, Contracts, Agreements, Attachments and Hooks.  The Body and Energy Fields are Harmonized continually. 


After Soul Intruders are removed we move the work to Soul Retrieval of Lost and Broken parts of our Soul.  Class participates will have practiced and able to continue the work from home. 

Class includes the Akashic Crystal Grid Kit. 

The Akashic Crystal Grid Kit is a combination of Sacred Geometry, Orgonite, Vortex Energy and Specific Crystals.


                         Single Person            $250 each 

                         Two People               $250 each    

                         3-5 People                 $225 each 

                         6-10 People               $200 each