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                                           Crystal Earth Orgone Energy

Crystal Earth Orgone is Orgone Energy designed to clean & restore our Geomagnetic and Biomagnetic Energy Fields. It is Vortex Energy of the Earth Frequencies.

There is so much EMF (Electric Magnetic Field) that the Earth is now radiating at twice the normal herz (soundwave speed).  Electric Magnetic Fields of Energy disrupts your cellular DNA and can put holes in your cells.  They are known to disrupt your hormone, nerve and endocrine systems.

Orgone Energy converts the positive ions (the bad guys) to negative ions (the good guys) .  This process is from the Orgone generating Negative Ions that the Positive Ions attach to making them one of the good guys (Negative Ions).  This reduces the amount of EMF we come in contact with and  helps us to heal from EMF exposure.


It can be used for Crystal Cleansing, too.  Scroll down to see about using Crystal Earth for cleaning your Healing Crystals.

As part of the Orgone Energy Kit, Crystal Earth Orgone Energy uses Vortex Energy from Mount Shasta and from the Redwood Forest Ocean Sand.  Vortex Energy is a constant flow of Energy that Vibrates so fast that Negative Energy cannot penetrate.  A wonderful and safe place heal!  It amplifies and fills large areas with the Electromagnetic Earth Field of Energy.

Additionally, Crystal Earth has Cleansing Healing stones that are piezoelectric, self-cleansing and cleanse other stones, on a very thorough, deep, all encompassing level.

Add to the Vortex Energy and Cleansing Stones, Crystal Earth has Celestial Healing Stones to Cleanse, Balance, Strengthen, Restore & Harmonize the Aura & Chakra Systems.


The Stones work on a Soundwave Frequency and work in concert with Arch angel Raphael to offer healing to Negative Attachments or Spirits that have entered your Energy Field on a daily basis. To remove deep embedded Soul Intruders, refer to the Orgone Energy Kit.

Crystal Earth Orgone Energy works on three levels of infinity: all Timelines, Dimensions and Realms (Physical, Spirit & Soul).

  Using Crystal Earth Orgone Energy to Cleanse Healing Crystals


A person directs all the Negative Energy and Attachments to the Crystal they are using in a Healing Session or using to ground a room.  The Healing Crystal accumulates the Negative Energy and at some point its Energy Field is full and becomes distorted.  By placing the Healing Crystal in the Energy Field of the Orgone Energy, the Healing Crystal is able to convert the Negative Energy into Positive and restore its natural Harmony and Soundwave Frequency on a continual basis.

The Crystal Earth Orgone Energy will Cleanse, Strengthen, Balance, Restore, Harmonize, Re-calibrate & Attune the Crystal, the Spirit Guide of the Crystal and of the person with the Crystal.  The  Healing Crystal just needs to be in the Energy Field of the Orgone.

Orgone has a huge radius of Energy.  The small 2 inch Orgone size will radiate 20 feet as the main field and continues in an imprint (like an echo) of up to a half mile.  It will radiate through walls and ceilings. Like all Vortex Energy, Orgone continues upward past the sky and into the Universe.

You'll want to keep the Orgone Energy Activated and flowing for your Healing Crystals.

The Energy is available and flowing in the room at all times.  You just need to harness it and use it for the Crystals.

The frequency of activation just depends on how much the Crystals need cleansing.  You may want to start a regular pattern of weekly or monthly Activation so that you don't forget to keep the Healing Stones at their optimum.

When you are not using them, they are holding Energy and creating Soundwave Frequency Energy.  Their Energy Fields can be disrupted by EMF so keeping them in an Active Orgone Energy Field is good for them.

Our current lifestyles keep us from being able to connect daily to the restorative frequency of the Earth. 

Enjoy the benefits of Resonating and Harmonizing with the beautiful Crystal Earth Orgone Energy!

           Healing Crystals used in Crystal Earth Orgone Energy

Mount Shasta Vortex Energy Soil     Redwood Forest      Ocean Sand    Magnetite     Kyanite

 Fluorite     Ocean Salt     Citrine       Zoisite with Ruby   Tourmaline      Peridot     Obsidian