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Crystal Earth | Earth Girl Art

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                                                                                               Crystal Earth

          Cleaning our Crystals and Healing Stones is an important aspect of maintaining the health and relationships of our Metaphysical Healing Stones.

          Crystal Earth was created to bring the Old Traditions into New Light so that everyone can cleanse their Crystals fully, completely and not worry if it's done right.

          Easy for all levels of experience.  Safe for all shapes, sizes 7 types of stones.  No need to bury, water, salt or perform Ceremonies.  We love Ceremonies, but not        

          everyone knows how to properly perform them for Crystal cleansing. 


         Crystal Earth is comprised of piezoelectric crystals that are self cleansing and self charging.  This means that all the ingredients will keep their charge and re-charge

         other stones.  Additionally, the cleansing process involves Celestial Spirit Guides to handle the Negative Energy the stone accumulates.  That Negative Energy usually

         includes energy Attachments, Intruders, Hooks and Attacks that the Spirit Guides will offer healing to so that they don't re-attach to the stone or person.


          The soundwave frequency vibration of the stones that are used will cleanse, restore & reharmonize the Chakras and Auras of the Crystal, the Spirit Guide of the

          Crystal and the of the person.


         Then the Crystal, Spirit Guide of the Crystal and the Person receive a Celestial Attunement that creates a Harmonic Resonance with the Higher Vibrational

         Frequencies for a complete Metaphysical Healing Experience.


                                                                                          Why does it work?

         The Earth carries a Bio-magnetic Energy Field that creates Theta Wavelengths.  Theta is where our goes to "sleep". This allows us to receive information, change our

         path directions and learn life lessons without the Ego (fear, resistance,  denial, stuck, blocked emotions) interfering.      


         The Earth's Bio-magnetic Field is comprised of Soundwave Frequencies that our Body will resonate (match) with and create a Harmonic Resonance of the Earth's  

         Bio-magnetics.   Soundwaves are very, very quiet and their movements are very, very subtle.  An example of soundwave is the strumming of a guitar string.  The

         music that you are hearing is the soundwave.  Lower frequencies are easily heard. A higher frequency, like turning on a light, the light is a soundwave that we don't

        hear.  Healing Stones & Crystal soundwaves are in the High Vibration Soundwave spectrum.  The more we tune ourselves to the soundwaves the more we are able to

        hear and feel the Harmonic Resonance.  Sometimes you will pick a stone and connect with it: that is Harmonic Resonance: you are matching soundwave frequencies 

        and are able to connect, share & exchange energy with the Stone and the Spirit Guide of the Stone or Crystal.         


        Changes in your life will be continual and quiet. Issues get resolved, a flow of positive happens even in negative situations. You might wake up with new ideas or

        know things or how to resolve things or what direction to take.  That flow of ideas happens while you are in Theta.  You can be in more than one brainwave at the   

        same time. While you are awake or asleep, you can be in Theta.  


        Creating your home, work, car and personal space with the High Vibrations of the Earth's Energy (Bio-magnetic field) creates a Harmonic Resonance of Positive

        Energy that moves, flows with Life, Possibilities and the Healing Experience.  


                                                                                       Crystal Earth

        Today, many of us do not have access to Traditional Natural Portals to clean our Crystals.  

                * Burying in the earth:  some people don't have access to undisturbed forests or a yard.  Additionally, the earth may contain the City "vibe"                                 

                  and not the Bio-magnetic Frequency that we prefer for cleansing and re-charging our Crystals and Healing Stones.  

                * Our  tap water has broken water crystals (doesn't contain the Soundwave Frequency we are looking for).  Additionally the Crystal needs to be                             

                   under running water for 24 hours so that Negative Energies don't re-attach. 

                * Salt (pure salt from a salt field) contains the soundwave frequency we are looking for.  Salt helps to re-establish the electrical connection that                           

                  was broken from the running water.  Additional work needs to be done to connect the Aura Energy Fields as salt disconnects the Aura electrical charge.

               * Sun/Moon Ceremonies: Sunbeams & Moon Rays are effective in burning off Negative Attachments.  Ceremonies are great to program a Crystal's purpose     

                  with your Intentions and Prayers.  Ceremonies need to be matched with soundwave frequency to re-charge the Crystal's Energy.    


         Negative Energy is dispelled from entering our Energy Fields by the soundwave frequency the Crystal omits.  To dispel is the process of transmuting (changing)        

         the negative energy.  When the Negative Energy is absorbed by the stone, the density of the stone stops the Negative Energy from entering into our Energy Field. 

         This changes the Frequency and Vibration of the Negative Energy.  Proper cleansing and re-charging of the Healing Stone help keep the Stones Vibrational Energy

         Field vibrate, clean and able to continue to work effectively.


                                                                                      Cleansing the Crystal's Auras and Chakras  

         Celestial Healing Stones carry specific soundwave frequencies known for their Metaphysical Healing Qualities. Additionally, Crystal Earth has Activated the      

         Spirit Guides for each of the Stones.  This adds the component of the person receiving life lessons, resolving issues, protection and guidance from the Spirit Guide      

         of Stone based on the frequency that the Stone carries.  


        The piezoelectricity of the Stones, the Soundwave Frequency of Mount Shasta Vortex Soil and Activated Spirit Guides of Crystal Earth combine for a Synergistic and

        complete cleansing and re-charging of the Soundwave Frequency the Crystal, Spirit Guide of the Crystal and the person, place or environment needs. The Auras and

        Chakras receive transformational restoration, attunement and balancing on a Celestial level from the Spirit Guides.    


          What's in Crystal Earth

             Mount Shasta Vortex Energy Soil


             Redwood Forest Vortex Ocean Sand

             Pure Salt


             Black Kyanite 



             Zoisite with Ruby