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Healing Circle & Crystal Marketplace | Earth Girl Art

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                                                                      Healing Circle

Healing Circles are designed to teach and demonstrate Healing methods that you are able you easily learn and do on your own.  The techniques are specific to moving you forward with your Healing. The topic each week is demonstrated and practiced during the session.

The premise and basis of Healing is connected to the Bio-magnetic Energy Field of the Earth.  Using Soundwave Frequency from the Earth with Crystals we are able to create Energy within ourselves that Vibrate at a High Dimensional Frequency that moves stagnant Energy. We add in Vortex Energy and Sacred Geometry to really get the Soundwave Frequencies moving.

And that's the Healing Circle.  You come in, learn healing techniques and go.  You're Welcome to stay and shop the Crystal Marketplace for tools, crystals and meet people.  For fun, it's fun to talk and learn and expand the Energy through sharing, connecting and exchanging.


                                                               The Crystal Marketplace

The Crystal Marketplace is a small gift shop set up with Amethyst, Crystals, Energy Tools, Crystal Earth (for Crystal Cleansing),

Sacred Ceremony Herbs and more to help us generate more good Energy!


The Crystal  Marketplace is open for two hours following the Healing Circle.  Open from 11-1pm on Sundays.

You don't have to come to the Healing Circle to shop the Crystal Marketplace.


July 29     Healing Circle  10am   Soundwave Frequency & Chakra 

Pet the dog and hop on the bike and join us as we learn about Soundwave Frequency, Piezoelectricity and how to amp up working with your Chakras.

* learn how to pull out unwanted Negative Attachments, and Hooks

* Spin your Chakras in the right directions

*What is Piezoelectricity and Soundwave Frequency and Vortex Energy

*How to clean and strengthen your Chakra & Aura Energy Fields


August 5    Healing Circle 10am     Crystal Grids & Energy Tools

Pet the cat and stroll on over to Elements Yoga Studio for this weeks instruction on Crystal Grids, Energy Tools, Energy Generators, Activator Wands.  Enjoy the Crystal Marketplace with the Build your Own Crystal Grid section.

August 12   Healing Circle 10 am       Karma and Past Life Healing

Soundwave Frequency can travel beyond space and time.  Learn how the Past can be brought forward to current times to learn Life Lessons that weren't learned from the past.  Learn about Vibration Levels and how to raise your Vibration Level to Harmonically Resonate with the Higher Dimensional Vibrations of Love, Joy, Peace, Trust, Compassion and Happiness.  These are not positive emotions, but you will transform the ego and generate (create) the Energy of Love, Joy, Peace, etc.   

August 19 Healing Circle 10am   Soul Plane Healing

Grab a coffee from S&S Produce and take on the task of Soul Loss, Soul Retrieval and Soul Intruders.  Learn how Soundwave Frequency can bring back hundreds of your lost Soul Parts and dissolve contracts, curses and agreements with Soul Intruders.


                                    Questions?  Contact Dorothy via email at CrystalEarth123@gmail.com  


                                                                          Elements Yoga Studio

                                                                          1929 Mangrove Ave (across from S&S Produce)

                                                                          Chico CAs