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Orgone Energy Kit | Earth Girl Art

© 2010 Earth Girl Art

Ever wondered if there was a way to heal lifetimes of shattered/broken/lost Soul Parts, or remove Generations of Soul Intrusion and curses? Like now, in this Lifetime?

                                There is a way!

Healers travel and bring back lost or broken parts of our Soul ONE at a time.  I looked for a method that could heal my hundreds and hundreds of broken and lost Soul Parts from this lifetime and all the past lifetimes.

Most Healers don't work with Soul Intrusion removal.  Soul Intruders can be scary and attach to the Healer.  As a client  I experienced costly sessions and then I needed to pay for a second session to fix the Energy Void left by the Soul Intruder.  I just wasn't able to move forward in a meaningful way.


Fast forward through lots of practicing and learning and        I got it!


Using Soundwave Energy, Vortex Energy and Orgone Energy with specific Healing Crystals we can harness Energy and travel Timelines, Dimensions and Realms for Healing and Removing Soul Intruders and return our lost Soul Parts back to our Soul Core.


And it's not hard.  It's a simple and basic process that everyone can learn to do and start right away. Whether you've worked with Energy and Healing Stones or not, this is just Energy that we are harnessing  to use for Healing.  That's it.  Anyone can do it.

And you finish.....in this lifetime.  Don't put a timeline on your expectations: we all heal at different paces.  Taking longer than another person just means you are adjusting to all the new Energy changes.  You can perform the exercises every day or once a week or even once a month. 


For many of us, every part of our environment (home, work and connections to people, places, animals, etc.) will change.  Going a pace that allows the environment to adjust can may also be a consideration of how fast you heal.

Your kit can be used with as many people as you want to share it with.  It's just Energy.  Energy that we are harnessing and using to heal.  You won't leave an imprint or mix your Energy with another person using the kit.

Your Orgone Energy Kit ($200)  includes


Four Orgone Energies

                                     Buddha Orgone Energy

                                     All Heal Orgone Energy

                                     Soul Orgone Energy

                                    Crystal Earth Orgone Energy

Dowsing Tool to read Energy

**Orgonite Necklace

*I don't sell ORMUS.

I include it for free to decalcify the body

**one free Orgone necklaces


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