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Orgone is a Living Energy (it's Alive!) that was discovered by scientist William Reich in the 1950's. It is an Energy Layer that surrounds our cell walls.  From that discovery, William Reich also discovered that this Energy (call Orgone) is literally everywhere.  Every living person, place, animal and the air contains Orgone Energy.  


 He further developed a method to harness (gather) the Orgone and direct it for healing.   Orgone that has been gathered is called Orgonite.


Orgone carries a specific Soundwave Frequency Enhancing Energy.  It works with Piezoelectricity of  Crystals.  The Energy created from the Piezoelectricity of the Crystals creates a Soundwave Frequency that travels to the metals (Copper, Brass, Aluminum and Steel).  Metals increases the Soundwaves and also creates the Orgone Energy. 


We are able to harness the Soundwaves and focus them for Metaphysical Healing.  The Soundwaves of Healing Stones can travel Timelines, Dimensions, Healing Planes, Generations, bring lost parts of the Soul back and remove Soul Intruders.  Additionally, Soundwaves can travel to past memories, of this Life (and Past Lives), and bring Life Lessons from the past to be learned now, today, in this Life.  


Each Stone carries specific Soundwaves.  The Metaphysical Healing Properties of each Stone are the Soundwave Frequency that the Healing Stone transmits and travels on.


Orgone, in layers of organic (stones, dirt, wood, etc.) and inorganic (metals), with the Piezoelectric Stones conducts (sends) Energy (Soundwave Frequency) it has created in the form of a Vortex. 


Vortex is Energy (strong, strong Energy) that moves very fast in a specific format.


The flow of Energy, in Vortex, can physically travel all the way to Space (the Universe, past the sky).  From there it can travel Timelines (past , present & future).


Orgonite, paired with your Intention Prayer, is an excellent Metaphysical Healing Tool designed to move your Healing Forward!  


Use your Orgonite daily to keep your Energy Fields aligned, flowing & clear of unwanted Energies.


Use your Orgonite with Healing Sessions to travel Timelines to remove Soul Intruders, Curses, Agreements, etc. and to bring missing parts of your Soul back.  Correct past Karma by bringing the Life Lessons from the Past to the Present so that you learn the lessons today and clear your Journey Path. 


Orgonite is also famous for its' ability to protect against EMF soundwaves.  EMF (Electric Magnetic Fields) that come from power lines computers, appliances, cell phones, etc. omit cations (positive ions) in such huge amounts that it disrupts our personal Energy Field. This causes  disharmony and disruption of our bodys' harmony of electricity and energy which affects our balance of hormones, nervous system and communication between the brain and body.


Orgone omits anions (negative ions) that the EMF anions are attracted and attaches to the Negative Ion, thus converts them to the Negative Ions (the good ones!). 


Placing orgonite around your home, work, car or wearing a piece of jewelry made from Orgonite will keep your Energy from being drained. 


 Earth Girl Art makes three amazing Healing Tools with Orgonite: Buddha, Soul & All Heal Orgonite Energy.  


            Buddha Orgonite Energy cleanses, balances, strengthens, restores & harmonizes the Energy Fields: the Auras and

                                                     Chakra Networking Systems. 

                                                     When this is completed, the Energy Field of the person is taken to the Celestial Dimensions

                                                     (High Vibrational Energy Realm) to be Re-calibrated and Attuned to be in concert with the Universe.


            Soul Orgonite Energy is an amazing discovery from my own trials to heal removing Soul Intruders

                                                and returning lost/missing Soul Parts.

                                                I was not content with the high cost with using a Healer to return one part at a time.

                                                Plus the need to return hundreds of broken, missing and lost Soul Parts and likewise needing to remove                                                         hundreds of Soul Intruders AND wanting to do it in THIS Lifetime I was able to

                                                find the Healing Path with the help of my Spirit Teachers.  


              All Heal Orgone Energy often gets overlooked due to Buddha's cute name.  The All Heal Orgonite Energy is clear,

                                                      focused Energy that travels Timelines to clear the Past from Trauma, Emotional & Physical Pain,                                                                 Chaos, Psychic Debris and other Challenges. 

                                                     All Heal will bring Life Lessons from the Past (from this current Life or from a past Lifetime) forward

                                                     to the present (right now!) so the Lessons can be learned and thus clear the Past Timeline, which also

                                                     clears the Future Timeline.     

                                                     Strong work in clearing the Body of Geomagnetic Stress, Energy Toxins, and disruptive EMF.

                Crystal Earth Orgone Energy Strong work in clearing the body of Geomagnetic Stress, Energy Toxins and disruptive EMF.

                                                                Restores the Body Frequency to harmonize with the Earth Frequency.

                                                                Cleanse, recharge and harmonize Healing Crystals, people, plants, and animals in the

                                                                Orgone Energy Field. 

                      Below is an introduction video: it's the first one I've ever done.  I'll redo it later, but it does the job.  I spent a lot of time on                                           ORMUS, you can fast forward to about 8 minutes ~ that's right before the Orgonite intro starts.