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All Heal Orgonite Energy | Earth Girl Art

© 2010 Earth Girl Art

                                                         All Heal Orgonite Energy 

                                                       Create Energy with the help of Orgonite & Healing Crystals to clear your Journey's Path

                                                  of the Emotional & Physical debris that clutters your connection to Higher Vibrational Energy.


High Vibrational Energy is the level of Soundwave Frequency where Energy is created.  Energy that moves: vibrates, is Energy that creates a flow that keeps us from being stuck and stagnant.


Emotional & Physical pain, trauma and so much more can get stuck in our Energy Fields: especially when we don't have the Tools and Knowledge to move through the challenges, to learn the Life Lessons and thus, Heal.


Often we convert our Emotional & Spiritual issues into a Physical problem to try and heal them.  We think that if we can bring the problem in the Physical Realm, then we can call attention from others (a call for help) that we need help to heal.


All Heal Orgonite Energy blocks/converts EMF disruptive Energy into harmonious Negative Ions.  This will keep your Energy from being drained.


The Crystals in All Heal Orgonite will balance and restore your Energy and take you on a Journey to Heal the sources of challenges.  This is a Journey of Awareness and Action. Once you are aware of changes that need to happen, or have happened, you have the Energy to continue the change.




To use:  You can place All Heal Orgonite anywhere.  Generally placing within eight feet or closer harmonizes the strongest. Orgonite will move through walls and ceilings.

                 Using a Dowsing Energy Tool and stating your Intentions amplifies and focuses the Energy.

Placing Orgonite in a room brings the Energy Vibration Level of the Soundwave Frequency of the Healing Crystals to the room.  You will harmonize and absorb the Energy into your Energy Fields as you need it or want it.


If you are working with clearing a particular issue or challenge, you can harness the Soundwaves with a Dowsing Tool.  Verbally state that you are gathering the Soundwaves to be absorbed into your Energy Fields. State your intention and work with the Energy to Heal your Intention.  Reading the Metaphysical Properties of the Stones and becoming really, really familiar with what they do will encompass a larger healing tertian for you.  Your knowledge expands and what you can do with the knowledge will expand, too.

Gratitude is the cornerstone for Healing.  With Gratitude comes Grace & Compassion.  These are the ingredients for Forgiveness.  With Forgiveness comes Letting Go.  Letting Go allows your Energy to move.  Movement takes you out of Stagnation and removes Blockages.  Ten minutes in a place of  Gratitude (with your Intention)  changes your Energy Fields Vibration.


Place next to your bed at night and you will harmonize with the Soundwaves at night (when your Ego is sleeping) to be able to absorb the Energy without fear or resistance.              Resistance is usually a Soul Intruder that doesn't want to leave and will do things to interfere and stop the Healing Process.


Using All Heal Orgonite with the Soul and Buddha Orgonite Energy creates a beautiful concert of Healing.


                                                                                    Generates its' own Energy.  Doesn't need to be cleansed or recharged. 


                                        Stones in  the All Heal Orgonite Energy


Lapis Lazuli   *Serenity Stone  *  Awakens growth in dreamwork & metaphysical awareness  *  sends past & current Negative Attachments back to their sources  *  Harmonizes Body, Mind & Spirit  *  Spirit Guide teaches us to listen from the Heart and act accordingly  *    Brings honesty, truth, compassion, moral compass & ability to take control of your life.              


Amazonite     *Vibrational Memory Healing through all Timelines & Planes (Physical, Spiritual & Soul)  *  Blocks Negative Geopathic Vibrations  *  Clears Geomagnetic Field of Debris  *  Bring Clarity of Thought processing  *  Clears Chakra of emotional debris from all Timelines


Tourmaline  * generates electricity, negative ions and far infrared rays  *  Far Infrared Rays are able to penetrate all layers of the Chakra, Auras and Physical Bodies  *  Negative Ions increase the flow of  oxygen to the brain, which cleans the Physical Body by stimulating a soothing, gentle detox.  *  Physical Light Body increases Radiant Energy  *  Balances Left & Right Hemispheres in the Brain  *  Stimulates the crossing of the Blood/Brain Barrier. 


Peridot  *  Powerful Cleanser of the Auras & Chakras  *  Self Empowerment  *  Solid, centered Foundation  *  Spirit Guide teaches us Self Truth & Wisdom about ourselves and to rely on our inner strength  *  Clarity of Truth of your Destiny & Spiritual Purpose


Obsidian  *  Vortex Dimensional Energy works in all timelines (past, present, future)  &  Unrelenting exposure to all blockages, negative behaviors & patterns, emotional imbalance, weakness, shortcomings, avoidance, denial ~ it is all exposed  *  Brings repressed memories & behaviors to the surface.  Once exposed the solutions are also exposed  *  Spirit Guide of the Obsidian is firm, tough and unyielding.  It is NOT mean or aggressive.  It is working the Higher Dimensions (beyond the Ego/emotions).  *  The Obsidian Spirit Guide is very supportive, but remains very direct in guiding you to all sources of ill health, past life issues, etc. 

The Spirit Guide will guide you as you change your Journey's Pathway and direction.  This can be a turbulent process when you begin to make changes in your environment and the current environment stays in the lower (ego/emotional) Vibrational Levels.  Relationships between partners, family, friends and work will change as you raise your Energy Vibration and change your outlook and approach to life.  Unhealthy connections to people activities and lifestyle are deactivated.  When new connections are established, all the old connections need to be upgraded or they will not fit the new format.  Some people will support you and make changes and some will not.  Some may resist the changes and try to keep things the same.  Your current life will go through a deep overhaul.


Obsidians' ability to work with Past Life Healing, Soul Intrusion Soul Loss, Soul Retrieval, Mental & Physical Health and Energy Cords/Attachments gives both the Crystal and the person using the Crystal a clear, direct, focused Clarity of Healing Pathway.


The Grounding Force of the Obsidian establishes, deep, deep earth roots to the Mother Earth's Center Vortex.  Connection and exchanging Mother Earth's Energy to the Base (Root) Chakra, the Energy Vibration will resonate through all the Chakras and extends into the Aura Field.

While Obsidian brings big changes, the Spirit Guide will form a protective shield and transmutes (deals with) the Negative Energy & Entities that you release.


Citrine  *  Restores Self confidence, Stability, Self Empowerment & connection to Grounding Energies  *  Regenerates and stimulates Inner Wisdom

 *  Balances Chakra and Aura Energies to synergistic compatibility  *  Spiritual Protection along you Journey Pathway  *  Creates an abundance of Spiritual Gifts                                            *  Moves energy flow into active Positive Pathways and out of Negative Patterns by absorbing, transmuting and healing the Negative Energy.                                                                     *  Self Cleansing and cleanses Auras, Chakras, & attachments from environment.