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Sacred Herbs | Earth Girl Art

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                                                                      Sacred  Herbs used in Ceremony and Gratitude


       The connection of plants and Spirit Guides

        Spirit Guides are Energy forms of High Vibration Caliber.  They are experienced and trained to help humans and the physical world                  

       (4th Dimension.  The Wisdom and Guidance of Ancient Energy Pathways they provide can often guide us to life changing directions            

       and healing experiences.


       Spirit Guides require nothing from us.  We often feel that we should elevate them as a higher power than us. Energy is just Energy.                    

       It just exists.  To manifest more Positive Energy you work with it: by sharing, exchanging and connecting to it.  Negative Energy absorbs                  and drains Energy. 


       For example, if you take a walk in the park "to absorbs some of the good energy" you are feeding off the energy and will have a temporary

       increase of Vibration.  If you walk in park with all the Energy that is surrounding you and exchange Vibrations, you create energy.  That    

       Energy will continue to generate for a long time. Depending how it is used, can last days or months. Add in acknowledgement of the Spirit

       Guides of the Nature around you can add additional Energy Experiences.  My dreams are vibrate and beautiful after Energy Exchanges.  


       Spirit Guide don't require, need or want worship. When the energy of people and spirits vibrate at the High Vibrational levels, dimensions  of

       Love, Joy, Bliss Happiness, Peace, Trust and Compassion the Ego is also incorporated into these levels.  Worship is low level, one dimensional

       and feeds Negative Energy.


       For example: the flow of money.  A job that pays the bills might also not have the best commute or boss or co-workers.    Bringing in the   

       Citrine Healing Stone and Spirit Guide can increase the Vibrational Energy (soundwave frequency) surrounding the job.  Citrine is known

       as the abundance stone.  It vibrates at high levels of abundance in all things (love, joy, peace, etc.).  Fruits of the flow of Positive Energy

       can lead to better work conditions, the perfect job showing up, the flow of higher income.


          Why isn't it instant or consist or constant? 

          Your Body, the people around you and your environment may not be tuned to the higher vibrations.

          For example, your higher income may create jealously or envy form people around you.  This has you lowering your Vibration to hide the joy

          and lessen the impact on the people around you.  You just knocked yourself out of the High Vibrational Energy Flow.  As you work with

          Energy and Spirit Guides you get a feel on how to fine tune how to use them.  In this case you might extend the Citrine Energy to include 

          those around you.


       Plants also carry Healing Soundwave Frequencies and Spirit Guides.  We use them to communicate with the Spirit World of Energy. 

       Certain plants with their Metaphysical Properties are ideal for this purpose.  When we have a connection with the Spirit Guide, no matter how

       little or big; whether issues were resolved; new pathways created; prayers or intentions answered, we want to nurture that connection.  We want

       to create more of same vibration and grow the strength of the connection.  That is done through exchanging energy.  


                                                                       Asante Crystal Herbs

        A beautiful, vibrate synergistic blend of Lavender, Indian Tobacco & Grandfather White Sage with Clear Quartz Crystals.

                                    Use * when giving a blessing

                                           * Gratitude to Spirit Guides  

                                           * showing acknowledgment of Spirit Guide and other Energy Sources  

                                           * with Ceremonies

                                           * cleansing and clearing Energy

                                           * calling in Spirit Guides Teachers and Helpers 

                                           * creating connection to High Vibrational Soundwave Frequency Spirit Guides and Energy 


                                           * Positive Energy is not the absorbing of Energy

                                           * Positive Energy is the creation of Energy: exchange, connection, sharing

                                           * Stones, like crystals, as gifts, create energy, thus leaving the place Energized for the next person

                                                             and strengthens the Energy Connection Pathway   



                                      *  There are three Planes (Physical, Spirit & Soul) Lavender works from the Spirit Plane

                                      *  Higher Consciousness development

                                      * Spirit Gifts include Peace, Happiness and Trust

                                      * Spirit Gifts are from the Spirit Plane (Higher Dimension). 

                                      * Your Energy resonates with the Harmonics of the Higher Vibrational Energy Sources around you


                   Grandfather White Sage

                                     * There are three Planes (Physical, Spirit & Soul) Sage works from the Spirit Plane

                                     * Ancient Ancestor Guides bestow Spirit Gifts of Wisdom, Awareness, Integrity & Intuition

                                     * Calls in and connects to the Spirit Guides

                                     * Cleanses & Protects people and places  

                                     * Clears Energy Cords and returns Energy back to their sources    


                   Indian Tobacco (Lobelia)

                                       * The original Tobacco used in Native American Ceremonies

                                       * Works in both the Spirit and Physical Planes

                                       * Physically cleanses the Body of Energy blockages (especially memory & emotional)  

                                       * Brings Light to Shadows 

                                       * the ability to see all things white, dark and gray


                   Clear Quartz Crystal  

                                          * works in all Healing Planes (Physical, Spirit & Soul)

                                          * Piezoelectric (creates & generates Energy)

                                          * Healing & Teaching Stone

                                          * Ancient Ancestor Grandmother Earth is your Teacher & Guide

                                          * Soul Cleanser