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Soul Orgonite Energy | Earth Girl Art

© 2010 Earth Girl Art

                    Soul Orgone Energy      

                                                                      for removing Soul Intruders, Attachments, Agreements, Contracts, Curses,

                                                                                        for healing Soul Loss and

                                                       for Soul Retrieval (the return of lost/missing/broken parts of our Soul)


The specific Crystals in combination with Orgonite, have created a beautiful source of Energy that travels through the Timelines, Dimensions and Realms of the Physical, Spirit & Soul Planes.


To remove Soul Intruders you will use it in concert with the Buddha Orgonite.  As you release the Soul Intruders, you will need to continually balance, harmonize and attune your Energy Fields as they go through continual changes with the release of Negative Energy.


I use an Energy Dowsing Tool to bring up the Soul Intruder.  Soul Intruders are there in your Energy Field for the purpose to feed on your Energy.  I explain to the Soul Intruder that I am now Healing and taking my Energy back to myself.


It is your Body and it is your Energy.  Period.  Doesn't matter what the Agreement, Contract, Curse, Karma, Invitation or whatever the reason.  You are the owner.  It is your decision to void or end the Contract, etc.


I call in Archangel Raphael or Archangel Michael to offer the Soul Intruder Healing.  I explain to the Soul Intruder that Healing will allow the Soul Intruder to create its own Energy and not need to feed off of anyone.  Once the Soul Intruder is out of your Energy Fields, then the Archangels will take the Soul Intruder and continue the Healing process with them.


I harness the Energy from the Orgonite and direct it into all aspects of my Energy: Timelines (past, present & future), Dimensions (levels of Soundwave Frequency Energy) and Healing Planes (Physical, Spirit & Soul) to remove Soul Intruders and their Root System embedded with the connections to me.  I will send Badger Spirit Animal to the deep roots to help get them removed.


 The Energy Tool will spin in a circular motion when it is gathering information or when it detects Negative Energy.  It will move in a straight line, back & forth when it is finished gathering information or detects Positive Energy.  When the Soul Intruder is gone, the Energy Tool will move in a straight line.


After a Soul Intruder is gone, you will need to call in all the missing parts of your Soul that left your Energy Field, creating the Void that the Soul Intruder filled.  Buddha Orgonite will cleanse, strengthen, balance restore & harmonize your Energy Fields continually as you go through this process.  Once your Physical Body is Harmonized, Buddha Orgonite will take your Energy to the Celestial Dimension to be Recalibrated and Attuned to be in concert with the Universe where Energy is created.

                                                                                                                Using Orgonite


To use:  You can place Soul Orgonite anywhere.  Generally placing within eight feet or closer harmonizes the strongest. Orgonite will move through walls and ceilings.

                 Using a Dowsing Energy Tool and stating your Intentions amplifies and focuses the Energy.

Placing Orgonite in a room brings the Energy Vibration Level of the Soundwave Frequency of the Healing Crystals to the room.  You will harmonize and absorb the Energy into your Energy Fields as you need it or want it.


If you are working with clearing a particular issue or challenge, you can harness the Soundwaves with a Dowsing Tool.  Verbally state that you are gathering the Soundwaves to be absorbed into your Energy Fields. State your intention and work with the Energy to Heal your Intention. 


Reading the Metaphysical Properties of the Stones and becoming really, really familiar with what they do will encompass a larger healing tertian for you.  Your knowledge expands and what you can do with the knowledge will expand, too.

Gratitude is the cornerstone for Healing.  With Gratitude comes Grace & Compassion.  These are the ingredients for Forgiveness.  With Forgiveness comes Letting Go.  Letting Go allows your Energy to move.  Movement takes you out of Stagnation and removes Blockages.  Ten minutes in a place of  Gratitude (with your Intention)  changes your Energy Fields Vibration.


Place next to your bed at night and you will harmonize with the Soundwaves at night (when your Ego is sleeping) to be able to absorb the Energy without fear or resistance.  Resistance is usually a Soul Intruder that doesn't want to leave and will do things to interfere and stop the Healing Process.


  Soul Orgonite Energy needs to be used with Buddha Orgone Energy so that you are not left with open and unfilled voids in your Energy Fields.

                                                   Generates its' own Energy.  Doesn't need to be cleansed or recharged  





                                     You will finish removing the Soul Intruders in this lifetime

                              Truly amazing and wonderful is the fact that you will remove all the Soul Intruders quite quickly.

                              In developing the system, it took me two months.  I had the advantage of being in the "zone", connected

                              with the Spirit Teachers and I was off work for the two months.  I was able to do sessions twice a day

                              and perfect it.


                              Each of us are unique individuals.  Don't put any timeline of expectations.  It takes as long as it takes.

                              You will finish removing the Soul Intruders.  As you remove them we bring the missing, lost and broken

                              Soul Parts back to your Soul Core.


                             Going a slow and steady pace just allows you more time to adjust your Energy to all the new changes.  


                        Stones used in the Soul Orgonite Energy

Prehnite ~ Vibrates to Heal the healer  * Connects to Archangel Raphael and to specific Spirit Guides for Soul Retrieval and removal of Soul Intruders  *  Opens pathways to connect and Harmonize with Nature and other High Vibrational Frequencies  *  Seals Aura  * Systematically grids your environment with Harmonic Frequencies

Lilac Kuzinite~ connects to the Infinity Timeline for deep Vibrational Memory cleansing & Healing  *  Portal Doorway to physical & Spiritual Cellular DNA Blueprints  *  brings ancient knowledge from the past into current life  *  surrounds you in Celestial Energy  *  removes Spirit Attachments, Energy Cords            & Soul Intruders  *  clears Neuropathway debris

Peridot  *  Powerful Cleanser of the Auras & Chakras  *  Self Empowerment  *  Solid, centered Foundation  *  Spirit Guide teaches us Self Truth & Wisdom about ourselves and to rely on our inner strength  *  Clarity of Truth of your Destiny & Spiritual Purpose     


Gold Obsidian ~ in addition to the metaphysical properties of Obsidian, Gold Obsidian takes you to Higher Dimensions.  Working with High Vibrations, the Gold Obsidian pairs the Vibrations to specific Healing Stones to bring about a strong Harmonic Resonance for focused, directed Energy needed for Soul Healing.


Sunstone ~

*connects past life plan to current life plan

*Generates Sun Energy (piezoelectric)

*Removes Energy Cords & Threads and returns them to their Sources

*Separates entangled emotions

*Ability to choose a Positive Path

*Dissolves or re-negotiates  Contracts & Agreements from Past and Current Lifetimes

*Connects to Gratitude & Beauty of living, expressed with the oy of Life

*Removes Energy Cords & Threads and

*Strengthens Self-Truth, Self Awareness & Self-Confidence



*Karmic Vibrational Healing through DNA Physical and Spiritual Blueprints

*Gently adjust you to new Vibrational changes

*Brings awareness to feeling the Geomagnetic Field

*Ability to live in the Current Lifetime (stop living in the past)

*Connects you to your Divine Purpose

*Insulates the Soul from shock & trauma as you release it