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                                                                     How to work with Spirit Guides and Healing Stones

Healing, real Healing of your Body, Mind and Spirit is an Active process.  We are comprised of many nuances.  Often we don't have the tools we need to heal and that creates a tangled web that takes us off the straight path, the Journey of (and to) Peace and Bliss. We turn our emotional pain or trauma into a physical pain or situation as cries for help and as a way to leave clues to our source of pain that needs help to heal. 

Active Healing is your Journey that you create to heal yourself.  We experience many pieces of our Soul that have gotten lost or broken in our current Lifetime and frequently from our Past Lifetimes.  Bringing our Soul Parts back and healing the broken Soul is an intensive Journey and is an excellent place to start your Active Healing Journey.


Metaphysical Stones have two aspects: the Earth Vibration and the Spirit Guide associated with the Stone.  Each Stone/Crystal has a set of healing properties based on the soundwaves from the Geomagnetic Earth Frequency.  Each Spirit Guide is trained and experienced in Healing, Life Lessons, Guidance and Protection matching the Stones' Vibrational Level.


Healing involves actively participating in the Journey.  Trips to Healers for a session is just one of the tools we use when we get stuck, need a tune-up or need clarity. You can help the Healer to help you when you bring awareness and intention to the session.  Knowledge is key to our Journey's purpose and direction.  


One Healing session can do so much and it can only do so much for us when we have hundreds of Soul Parts that are Lost or Broken or Fractured.   We need a bigger tool box and Mother Earth has provided a beautiful one!  


Crystals and Soundwave Frequency Healing

The Earth carries a Bio-magnetic Energy Field that Crystals and Stones also carry with various Frequencies.  Many crystals are piezoelectric.  Piezoelectric crystals generate (create) energy, are self-charging and can charge other stones with energy.  Crystals are good at blocking negative geo-magnetic energy, detoxing the negative energy, transmuting it into positive soundwave frequency.  


When we keep crystals in our Energy Filed (within 8 feet or closer) we will match (harmonize) our Energy to the Crystals' Energy.  This creates a Harmonic Resonance.  By Connecting, exchanging and sharing our Energy with the Earth's Energy Field through the Crystals we create (generate) Energy.  Positive Vibration of Energy creates the Higher Dimensions of Energy like Love, Bliss, Abundance, Trust, Happiness that is beyond the Ego.  The Ego actually transforms from material, fear, resistance and denial existence (Negative Energy) into Positive Energy because of the constant flow of creativity (Energy, high soundwave frequency vibration).

Negative Energy is stagnant: it doesn't move or flow.  It needs to feed off Positive Energy.  Thus we often create chaos, trauma, & difficult situations to just keep going.  Anger, denial and resistance stimulate movement. They don't create pathways or resolve issues or teach lessons.

External Harmonic Resonance creates an Internal flow of Energy.  Continually connecting, exchanging and sharing of the Energy promotes the Body's own ability to create Positive Energy.  Getting in touch with ourselves, our Authentic selves is an expression of that Journey.  Awareness, Internal Insight, seeing all sides and view points are aspects of opening the Pineal Gland (the Third Eye).    


Keeping Crystal clusters and geodes around the house, car, work, body and environment help keep an Active Healing and stimulating Learning Pathway open for you create, create, create those dreams, hopes and visions into reality!  


Working with Spirit Guides

Welcome!  Being ready to meet and work with Spirit Guides is a HUGE Harmonic Resonance with the Higher Dimensional Vibrations.

First: what are Spirit Guides?  They are Energy in the form of Spirits rather than like us humans who are Spirits in physical form.  Humans have a diverse, multitude of personalities: some are quiet, or timid; some are loud; some are compassionate and some are aggressive.  Humans generally house young and old souls who are learning and experiencing at this level.  Spirit Guides are Ancient Spirits.  Beyond the dimension of time, their wisdom, insight and guidance are on a very High Soundwave Frequency.  Crystals work with the Physical Earth Vibrations and connect us to the Higher Dimensional Soundwaves.

We connect, exchange and share Energy with Spirit Guides based on the Vibration that the Crystal carries.  If you are just absorbing Energy (like in a walk in the park) you are not creating Energy, you are draining Energy.  At a Healing session, if you are just receiving Energy, you are not creating a Healing Pathway and thus, experience a temporary increase in Energy.

Active participation creates pathways to our purpose, our Divine DNA Blueprint.  We connect, exchange and share Energy with Spirit Guides based on the Vibration that the Crystal carries.  Walking in the park exchanging Energy: you experience and feel the colors, sounds and scent of the Earth.  The Vibration of the Earths' Soundwaves.  With continual exchanges, you build a Harmonic Resonance and may shapeshift and experience your walk feeling like a Bear or seeing like a fox or wolf or floating like a spider on its web.  The Harmonic Resonance stays with you and you grow from what you saw, felt or learned on your walk.  My dreams often contain more of the life lessons that started from my walk or connection with nature.

You can receive the same lesson from any Crystal.  For example, Compassion.  The lesson is the same regardless of the Crystal, but how is taught will depend on the Spirit Guide and the Vibration of the Crystal.

For example:

Rose Quartz will open your eyes to seeing Compassion ~ those Ah-Ha! moments.

Obsidian will delve into your Soul for Past Life sources, Life Lessons, Karma and other blockages.

Zoisite with Ruby will teach  you to move beyond your Ego and experience Compassion from a High Vibration.


Rose Quartz is teaching from the Physical Plane, Obsidian is teaching from the Soul Plane and Zoisite with Ruby is teaching from the Spirit Plane.           


What do you need to do?

Just by placing the Crystal in your Energy Field and Environment will bring the Earth's Bio-magnetic Field into balance.  How many and what type of stones/crystals you need will depend on your Energy and the Environment that need detoxing and re-balancing.


All the Crystals and Healing Stones from Earth Girl Art have the Spirit Guides Activated through a Ceremony.  The Ceremony involves a river, calling in the Salmon and an hour and half of cleansing, purifying and Spirit work.  None of my Energy is used or connected to the Crystals when you get them

Here is a Gratitude Prayer that I use to call in Spirit Guides and work with them.  I use this as a Daily Prayer of Intention and also for Special Ceremonies.  You it is easily adaptable to add in your special requests.    


Gratitude Prayer


Dear Spirit Guides, Spirit Teachers and Power Animals 


Thank you for  coming here.  Thank you for being here.

Thank you for sharing  your Grace, Healing, Wisdom & Memories with me. 


I Love you, Honor you, Respect and Acknowledge you. 


Thank you for the Blessings.  Thank you for the Lessons.


                                  Thank you for Hearing my requests.                                                                                                     Thank you for the ability to heal my requests. 


                                 Thank  you for Teaching me Life Lessons.                                                                                            Thank you for the ability to learn Life Lessons. 


                                 Thank you for Abundance in this Lifetime and all Lifetimes.                                                                Thank you for the ability to Thrive in this Lifetime and all Lifetimes. 


                                 And as I heal, I am able to thrive and prosper.                                                                                    As I thrive and prosper, so does my Community                                                   

                                Aho, Namaste