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Vortex Energy | Earth Girl Art

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                                                                    Vortex Energy

          Vortex Energy is an amazing phenomenon of Energy spinning so fast and continual that Negative Energy 

          doesn't penetrate the flow.  Positive Energy, though, connects to the Energy.  This connection, exchange             and sharing of Energy increases the amplified flow of Energy.

          When we use Vortex Energy our body will resonate with the High Vibration Harmonics of the Vortex.

          High Vibrational Energy is where Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Bliss and Trust energies flow.  Positive    

          Energy vibrates with life, creating pathways to resolve questions, problems & stuck energy.                      


        Vortex Energy is everywhere.  Certain places will create special Vortexes.  Mount Shasta, Sedona & the 

         Redwood Forests in Humbolt California are beautiful places that are easily accessed.  The earth in Crystal

         Earth uses Mount Shasta Soil and Ocean Sand from Humbolt County Redwood Forests.  The Vortex

         Energy in the sand and soil contain the sacred geometry of the Vortexes they are from and add special

        dimensional healing aspects. 

                                                                Vortex Energy Shapes

Crystal Grids, Pillars, Double Terminated Wands & Pyramids are some of the most effective vortex energy tool.  They are easy to use and work for all stages of experience.  As you use them you familiarize yourself with the energy.  You sense and feel the soundwave frequency of each style and often people will work with the Spirit Guide that is associated with each stone and shape. 

The shapes of stones (pillars, wands, pyramids) and crystal grids are just a few of the sacred geometry shapes used in Metaphysical energy.  Each shape and grid has unique enhanced energy vortexes.


Pillars (also know as Wands) 

*Used as Activator & Generator Wands in Ceremonies

* Many have Inclusions of Master Qualities (Windows, 6-8 sides, etc.)

*Directs the flow of Energy to, from and around a person, place or environment

*Used in assessing/scanning people/places/energy

* Used in transmuting/dispelling Negative Energy

Energy Generators

* Sacred Geometry

* Physical World and Higher Dimension connection

* Harmonic Resonation to the Higher Vibrational Energy in the environment around you



are vortex energy concentrated with Sacred Geometry.  


Double Terminated Wands

directs Energy flow in all dual directions (forward/backward, in/out, past/future, etc.)

Spheres (round)

In addition to the Metaphysical Properties that each Stone brings through the Vibrational Soundwave Frequency, the Sphere is Sacred Geometry bringing Unity, Completeness & Integrity.  It is the Inclusion of all things viewed equally.