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Welcome to Earth Girl Art.  I am located in the Northern California town of Chico.  On my website you will find many free tools to help your physical and metaphysical growth.

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Integrating Pathways


Learning to blend your current pathway with your new path can create conflicts with yourself and those around you.

Those around you may be uncomfortable with the changing Energy.  Positive Energy moves, grows and changes.  Negative Energy is stagnant and doesn't move, move past and creates negative environments.

Raising your Vibration Energy can cause some dramatic changes at the beginning.

After that, you attract people who support

you and are comfortable with your Energy.  

Friends, family, co-workers, etc. will either adjust or move to a different role in your life.  It can be hard to loose the relationships we have ~ trust your instincts and you will make room for Joy, Bliss and Happiness: for yourself and those around you. 

Simple Ceremony

Grab some buddies or just by yourself, this beautiful Ceremony will help restore your "energy batteries" and call your Spirit Guides to help you open, and keep open, the portals you need

in the upcoming months.

From the book "the Self Care Handbook to Energy Wellness" by Dorothy Vosse, Earth Girl Art 

See it ~ believe it ~ BE it!

Earth Day Spirit Medicine Conference and Ceremony

       April  19    One Day Conference and Healing Ceremony


Your Health!

Most of this website is material that is offered free.  I do this with the Intention that healing often needs to happen first.  Come back frequently and work on establishing your health (Balance your Body's pH & Good Bacteria) and Emotional ( Soul Loss, Aka Cords, etc) and Mind (Opening your Third Eye, Daily Bliss, Conscious Awareness).


Radiant Earth Healing Conference

    March 1  *  March 22  *  April 5 One Day Conference (offered 3 different days)